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  • Marc

    Stubborn, willful, quick wit, slow to anger, rarley looses control, thoughtful, secretive, unforgiving, self confident, self reliant, focused, frugal, lieing, pesimistic, persisnatce, practicle, late, realistic, rliable, suspicious. Atributes: adventurous …

  • Liam

    Joined the army at the lowest rank eventualy ataining the rank of captain before dieing a few weeks later. Was the owner of a small merchant company that owned sveral trade ships.

  • Prince Edward

    [[:crown-prince-edward | Prince Edward]] was born in the capitol of [[Kingdom of Eborcam | Eborcam,]] Darmepales were he then spent the next twelve years, never leaving once. Although he has a younger sister who is only a year younger than him he has nevr …

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